Rashida’s Community Endorsements

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has endorsed the following local candidates and initiatives for the November 2022 election.


  • Congresswoman Tlaib is recommending a YES vote for Proposals 2 & 3 to protect our voting rights and reproductive freedoms.
  • Rep. Tlaib is also recommending you vote for the Democratic-nominated candidates for Michigan Supreme Court – Kyra Harris Bolden and Justice Richard Bernstein! 

Michigan State Legislature 

  • Senator Erika Geiss for State Senate, District 1 
  • Senator Stephanie Chang for State Senate, District 3
  • Representative Abraham Aiyash for State House, District 9
  • Donavan McKinney for State House, District 14
  • Dylan Wegela for State House, District 26

Local Races

  • LaTrice McClendon for Detroit Public Schools Community District School Board 
  • Emily Keith for Livonia Public Schools School Board 
  • Ayesha Ghazi Edwin for Ann Arbor City Council, Ward 3 
  • Glenda McDonald for Highland Park Mayor
  • Charise Anderson, Candidate for Judge – Michigan’s 3rd Circuit Court
  • “Yes” for Oakland County Public Transportation Millage

Don’t forget to vote your entire ballot! Even if you vote straight-ticket for a party, you will still need to mark your ballot for each initiative, as well as for local and judicial candidates. Please turn your ballot over to make sure you’ve completed it entirely. If you have questions about how to vote in Michigan, check out our voter information page.